Management Team

Errol Henry

Mr. Henry brings a lifetime of experience to his role as CEO. He is responsible for the strategic direction, performance and overall operations of Orion Insurance Brokers. In addition to his duties at Orion Insurance Brokers, he serves as Board member at outside entities. Mr Henry is also a Pastor and is very involved in church activities.

Blondel Wilson-Henry
Managing Director

Mrs. Henry has been a part of the Orion family since inception. She however started working with the company fulltime since 2010. She has since received award for her dedicated service to organization and continues to render her services by manageing the day to day operations of Orion Insurnace Brokers, ensuring adherrence to company guidelines and policies.

Donavan Thompson
Director- Life Insurance

Mr. Thomas is one of the founding members of Orion Insurance Brokers. He has been in the insurance industry for ove 37 years. Currently he focuses on the helping Teachers to secure the best insurance policy that suit their needs. He has been awarded for his dedicated service to the company and continues to help teachers to secure a safe future for themselves and their family.

Keisha Morgan Broderick
Operations Manager

Mrs. Broderick has been with the Orion family for over seven years and has more than 25 years of industry experience. In addition to her role as Operations Manager Mrs. Broderick wears many hats. She ensures that the company is in compliance with all regulator bodies, in addition she encourages staff moral, builds relationships both internal and external, takes care of customer relations and business growth.

Vivine Boothe
Human Resource & Administrative Manager

Mrs. Boothe joined the Orion family as Office Administrator in 2005. She was promoted to Human Resource and Administrative Manager in 2011. Her overarching responsibilities include ensuring all employee related activities are carried out following the policies and guidelines of the organization. Mrs. Boothe has been awarded for her long and dedicated service to the company and continues to serve in her role diligently.

Carl Scharschmidt
Human Resource & Strategy Transformation Manager

Mr. Scharschmidt is an accomplished Human Resource personnel with a strong track record of leadership, transformation and results. He joined the Orion family in January of 2019.

Austin Perry
Financial Controller

Mr. Perry has being serving the Orion family for 7 years in the capacity of Financial Controller. Mr. Perry utilizes his expertise to oversee the accounting and financial aspect of the organization, ensuring that the company spending is controlled and that expenditure is in line with budget, he also oversees the banking and investment activities among all other financial related activities. Mr. Perry has been the recipient of the CEO award for outstanding and dedicated service to Orion Insurance Brokers In addition, he has copped 5 years long service award for his commitment to the organization.

Leroy Stewart
Director - Voluntary Benefits & Group Health

Mr. Stewart joined the Orion Family in 20… and has been blazing the trail ever since. In addition to being Director of the Group Life Department, Mr. Stewart brings his over … years of experience in the insurance industry to his role, utilizing his expertise to identify and properly equip insurance sales representatives to deliver top notch services on behalf of Orion Insurance Brokers.